Helping hospitals protect their staff and patients.

The excellent quality of our products provide comfort and protection to hospital staff and patients.

NOVO Health Services

Our Vision

As America’s population continues to mature, the demand and pressure on healthcare and healthcare support services increases throughout the U.S. The pressures have manifested in operational and financial challenges resulting in fewer choices for healthcare organizations. To accommodate these needs, providers and support firms must expand and grow services while

managing budgetary constraints and, subsequently, operational efficiency. At NOVO Health Services, we believe in measuring our work to ensure industry standards are met and where possible, exceeded. We welcome the challenge and believe continuous improvement in quality will benefit our company and yours.

Our Culture

We have successfully created a culture throughout our organization.

Our Objectives:

  1. To honor our commitments
  2. To serve others with dignity and respect
  3. To create value through pursuing excellence and safety
  4. To grow personally, professionally and profitably

Our Obligations:

To serve our customers, protect our employees and create growth; by providing excellence, value and integrity.

Our Leadership Team

Each NOVO team member has a unique focus and knowledge to support our customers, programs and services. Through our leadership team, we have been able to create and foster unparalleled relationships.

Karl Fillip, Founder
Karl has worked 40 years in the industrial healthcare laundry business. Formerly the CEO of Centerstone Laundry Services, Alliance Linen and Textile Services. Worked 20+ years with Aramark Uniform Services.

Karl Fillip II, CEO
Karl previously a Vice President at Brookstone Partners, a middle-market private equity firm based in New York. In his role at Brookstone Partners, he was responsible for the origination, evaluation, and execution of portfolio company acquisitions.

Gregory Cox,  Vice President National Accounts
Gregory has spent 25 years serving the healthcare community in both housekeeping and laundry services. During his career he held numerous positions with Healthcare Services Group, National Linen Service, Dramatic Healthcare Services, Alliance Linen and Textile Services.

Jon McGuire, Executive Vice President, SRI Healthcare
Jon has been in the reprocessing and repair of reusable surgical devices for over 25 years. He started his career with SRI, Sterile Recoveries Inc., an upstart company specializing in the reprocessing and sterilization of innovative surgical linens.