We do the work so you don’t have to.

Our on-premises linen management service focuses on cost effective upgrades to increase the value of the property, cost reductions and quality improvements. We develop a historical linen utilization benchmark for each of your facilities to reduce poundage and thus dollars with the linen program. We also specialize our efforts to formulate an approach to maximizing employee satisfaction.

Better Work Environments
  • Our team works side-by-side with your employees
  • Establish and execute new protocols
  • Promote employee empowerment, engagement & satisfaction
Improved Daily Performance
  • Execute daily performance tracking by employee to identify skill gaps
  • Explore which employees have clear insight into the skills they need to develop and progress
  • Ensure the workforce knows the purpose of performance management
Our Reports & Reviews Process
  • Complete an initial assessment of facility structure and condition to identify areas of required improvement
  • Conduct full inspection of facility equipment to evaluate and identify maintenance and part replacement requirements
  • Implement Planned Maintenance protocol through EPAC to ensure equipment operates and performs consistently throughout the life of the machine