Who We Are

NOVO Health Services and SRI Healthcare offer a combined healthcare service that provides a total and unique opportunity for hospitals to source their Sterile and Non-Sterile Linen requirements. NOVO, headquartered in Atlanta, focuses on safety and infection control and provides its partner hospitals with a value-driven linen management control system that measures and monitors linen utilization by department to eliminate excess internal costs. NOVO’s service programs offer a variety of options to provide a seamless single source distribution system.

NOVO operates seven regional healthcare linen facilities that are HLAC accredited. These facilities are operated with state-of-the-art processing equipment and processes.

SRI Healthcare operates three regional processing facilities across the U.S. Their state-of-the-art, FDA-regulated service centers provide daily processing, assembly and delivery of all reusable products required for surgery. SRI is the only U.S. full-service reprocessing reusable pack provider.

Services & Products Overview

We’re the leading provider of hospital patient linen, linen facility management and sterile reusable surgical pack services.

Hospital Linen

NOVO provides exceptional linen quality and services to hospitals, surgery centers, long term care centers and other acute facilities. As a trusted partner, our management services allow hospitals to focus on their core business. Our team can be an extension to aid in the growth of these facilities.

Sterile Reusable Surgical Solutions

Our reusable OR products are reprocessed in FDA registered, state-of-the-art facilities with custom designed equipment. Our patented RFID technology tracks test requirements at specified cycle intervals to minimize unnecessary additional processing, reducing chemical usage and saving water & energy.

Industry Standards & Associations

We believe in measuring our work to ensure industry standards are met and where possible, exceeded. We believe continuous improvement in quality will benefit our company and yours.

Current Customer South Florida

NOVO went above and beyond without missing a beat on your obligations by extending your support on other needs that our supply chain were committed to complete.

Current Customer

Current Customer

There is nothing more gratifying than hearing unsolicited feedback from our EVS Directors during our morning calls in which they praised the support, assistance, and services that NOVO provides.

Current Customer

NOVO not only stepped up to the plate but hit a home run.

Current Customer

NOVO took complete charge of the circumstances, as we expected them to do, and delivered in all facets of our operations.